Window Voltage Detector detects under-voltage down to 0.55V

Author: EIS Release Date: Nov 17, 2020

Ricoh has launched a Window Voltage Detector which monitors over-and-under output voltages from the power supply IC for a microprocessor and a sensor, and detects abnormal voltage of systems.

The R3154’s  undervoltage detection down to 0.55 V makes it suitable for low power devices. Also, operation check of voltage detection is available with the TEST pin.

  • Power supply from battery enables the voltage detector to operate independently from the power source.
  • High-accuracy over-and-undervoltage detection from -1.25% to 0.75% and the hysteresis of Max. 0.75%.
  • Overvoltage detection: 0.75 V at minimum, Undervoltage detection: 0.55 V at minimum.
  • Compact package of SOT-23-6. Safe and secure adjacent pin configuration to prevent a short circuit.