Tiny 30V 4.5A 25mΩ photo-relay is 3.4 x 2.1 x 1.3mm

Author: EIS Release Date: Sep 23, 2020

Toshiba has released three tiny photo-relays in a 3.4 x 2.1 x 1.3mm package called P-SON4.

Toshiba-photo-relay-TLP3480 PSON4_v2

Back-to-back output mosfets means that AC voltage and current switching is possible.

“Each have OFF-state output terminal voltage ratings and ON-state current ratings that are comparable to larger SOP-packaged devices,” according to the company. “Their 7.2mm2 (typ.) mounting area is approximately 74% smaller than 2.54SOP4 and 84% smaller than 2.54SOP6 package types.”

  • TLP3480 30V 4.5A 25mΩ typ (50mΩ max)
  • TLP3481 60V  3A 45mΩ typ (100mΩ max)
  • TLP3482 100V 2A 200mΩ max

Isolation voltage is all parts is 500Vrms (1minute) and operation is across -40 to 110℃.

Toshiba-photo-relay-TLP3480The ratings above are measured with 5mA (1.2V at 25°C) through the input LED and absolute max is 30mA. 6V reverse input bias is tolerable.

Off-state capacitance ranges from 450 to 170pF depending on device, while isolation resistance is 1014Ω . Turn on is a few milliseconds and turn off under a millisecond – check the data sheets for accurate figures.

Use is foreseen in measuring equipment and instrumentation – with semiconductor testers, probe cards and I/O interface boards.