Introduction to Inductors, Shielded Power Inductors,
RF Coils, Chokes and Transformers

Learn terminology for designing and selecting inductors, chokes, transformers and related products, plus basic operation, performance characteristics, and applications.

Customizing Passive
Magnetic Components

An overview for designing application specific and custom products.

API Delevan launches a new inventory and distributor product stock check search functionality. Click here to enter a part number in the search function and locate distributors, quantities, purchase information and matches with similar part numbers.
API Delevan has extended its 0603-sized family of wirewound, surface-mount chip inductors with the release of the C0603 series for use in commercial applications. Continuing to innovate using their extensive Aerospace & Defense knowledge and design expertise, API Delevan has created the highest reliability commercial grade wirewound
inductor available in the marketplace today.

Learn more about the C0603 series

View and Print the C0603 Data Sheet
API Delevan has expanded its product portfolio to include the well-known Harowe brand of resolvers. Used by manufacturing and design engineers to provide highly accurate feedback of position, speed sensing and pole detection for motors, Harowe resolvers excel in applications where high reliability and durability is required, such as high temperature high vibration extremes, oily and dirty environments
and other harsh environment extremes.

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View and Print the Harowe Resolver Product Guide

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